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17 September 2015

Tsunami Tonight

The 8.3 quake over Chile at  around 16 2300UTC  (11am  Thursday NZ time) 

and its aftershocks   has generated Tsunami waves which are travelling

westwards across the South Pacific tonight.


For the latest NZ advice on these waves see


Basically sea level rises and falls in the order of .2 to 1 metre are likely along east facing coast lines overnight tonight, along with swirling currents in harbours with a period of around 20 minutes.


A graphic showing  the expected timing  of the first of the  Tsunami waves is at

The 12hr line corresponds to 11pm  New Zealand time The same scoop article relays a graphic from NOAA of the expected energy propagation.


Waves are expected to lose grunt west of 160W, and fade away west of 180,  but there are likely to be ribbons of extra energy all the way to the NZ and Samoa/Tonga/Fiji coasts, especially around Chatham Islands.


A good site to monitor these waves are the sea=level gauges at NIWA


or the GNS tidal network at


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