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22 February 2017

TC BART marks a late 2016/2017 Cyclone season start

TC BART marks a late 2016/2017 Cyclone season start

TC BART is now affecting parts of the far south of the Southern Cooks
as seen at Fiji Threat map at

NASA shows it first having a cyclone signature at around 00UTC on Tue 21 Feb

This makes for a LATE starting season, beating the record* held by TC OMA
- named at 1800UTC on 20 Feb 2001,
by a mere 6 hours.
(Thanks to my friend Steve Ready for this information).

That's really too close to call as far as meteorology goes. And with a little
hand-waving the start of the cyclone phase of either OMA or BART could be plus
or minus 6 hours. SO let's just say it's a late start to the cyclone season.

Even so, we live in interesting times. SO far we have had 15 Tropical
depressions this season (that's more than normal), and only ONE has managed to
became a cyclone.

* the "late starting season" record is a concept of modern times, and really
only has meaning since satellite imagery become commonplace in the 1970s.

Bob McDavitt

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